Meet Sandi


Thank you so much for coming here. You will be amazed by how much healing we can accomplish together in under one hour. If you want inner peace you have come to the right place.  Healing sessions greatly reduce inner noise.  After your sessions you will feel peace and quiet and calm inside of you.  You will discover that you are a temple of healing. Feeling kindness and compassion for yourself and others in a whole new way. Learn how to bathe yourself in divine light. Have a real connection with Mather Earth our first and very best healer. Discover many resources available to you when triggers happen.

For 26 years I have been a healer supporting people of all ages as they navigate and heal through life's greatest challenges. 


Life is a wonderful and precious experience that includes triggering, shocking, traumatizing, and hurtful, events. Without proper thorough healing, unresolved trauma, fear, grief, and rage will cause pain and suffering. Human upset can last a long time because our nervous system gets stuck in 'I'm upset" mode. Many people are born upset and spend a lifetime feeling that way with very little reprieve. When we are upset we don't heal. When we can shift out of inner upset to inner peace our life experience improves tremendously.  


About me: I discovered myself as a healer in 1993 when I attended my first healing workshop while living in Australia. I knew right away when I laid hands on that this is what I was meant to do. Fast forward to 2021 and I have done over 15,000 healing sessions.    I have several areas of expertise.

Shock and Trauma Healing

Inner Child Healing

Birth trauma healing

Holocaust healing

Ancestral healing

Spiritual Healing

Divine light healing

Sound Healing

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Polarity Therapy


House Energy Clearing

Additionally I love to mentor other healers.

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