Meet Sandi


Thank you so much for coming here. You will be amazed by how much healing we can we can accomplish together in  even if we have never met before.  Talking about healing is one thing, experiencing it is another.


For 26 years I have been an energy healer and bodyworker supporting people of all ages as they navigate and heal through life's greatest challenges. 


I spend my time each day soothing people and nourishing their souls.  Life is a wonderful and precious thing that includes triggering, shocking, traumatizing, and hurtful, events. Without proper energy cleansing and healing, unresolved trauma, fear, grief, and rage will cause many kinds of pain, and suffering. Human upset can last a long time because our nervous system gets stuck in 'I'm upset" mode. Many people are born upset and spend a lifetime feeling that way with very little reprieve.  When we can shift out of feeling upset to feeling calm, quiet, and at ease, the body can heal, energetic blockages clear, and life experience improves tremendously.  


I am a gifted multi sensory intuitive who works directly with the divine.  I use my singing voice to assist in clearing unwanted energy. I teach and mentor all types of healers. I have several areas of expertise in the field of Holistic Healing and Energy Medicine

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Shock and Trauma Resolution

Pre and Perinatal Somatic Psychology

Polarity Therapy

Massage therapy and Bodywork

Singing Sound Healing

Inner Child Healing

 Holocaust trauma healing

Intergenerational and Ancestral Healing


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