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Healing with Sandi

Healing by telephone is a time for you to take a break from your day to day life and focus on improving yourself at every level. With my assistance you will swiftly and gently go directly to the source of any issues.  Daily stress and tension will melt away as I sing a lullaby that will soothe every particle of your being. You'll receive full body rejuvenation and feel refreshed in a pool of divine light.   Sessions include Spiritual guidance and lots of helpful resources, clearing energetic blockages, problem solving, and a return to inner peace, calm and quiet.  We can address anything that you may need help with including:

  • Healing a history of childhood trauma including: emotional trauma, physical trauma, sexual trauma

  • Early childhood trauma, attachment/bonding/unhealthy enmeshment issues, trauma from birth. Neglect and abandonment trauma.

  • Challenges around sexuality and gender

  • Career questions, improvements, and changes 

  • Calming and soothing anxiety and overwhelm 

  • Healing and regulating your nervous system

  • Improving relationships with family as well as intimate relationships

  • Boosting self esteem and clearing away depression and heaviness

  • Clearing emotional and energetic blockages​

  • Lifting your spirits, establishing hope and radiance.



  • Pain relief and rapid healing 

  • Healing through divorce. Support for you and your family

  • Releasing inherited traumas and wounds 

  • Loving support and understanding through miscarriage

  • Support for dealing with difficult people in any setting

Additional areas of specialty:


End of Life Healing


It’s never too late for healing. 


Helping people at the end of their life is sacred and special work that I am honored to do.  Unresolved trauma, fear, and grief can make the dying process painful, scary, and long. End of Life Healing and Soul Cleansing prepares the body and soul for the crossing over journey. It ensures that a persons soul moves smoothly from the embodied realm into the realm of the spiritually divine. Soul cleansing cleans away lingering traumatic emotional memory from the body and helps a person integrate any unfinished business so that transitioning can happen peacefully. It’s very comforting to family and loved ones who are grappling with loss and grief. A person does not need to be cognitive or conscious for the soul cleanse to be completely effective. 

Healing the whole family: Parents, children, teens

Our family relationships provide some of the greatest challenges that we face in a lifetime.  Healing that is focused within the family can resolve deep wounds, improve communication, and restore the warm fuzzy feeling of safety and love that’s needed.   

Excellent for blended families, families with adopted children, families who have experienced divorce, sudden loss, or any other trauma.  

Healing for babies

Birth can be traumatic for everyone involved and leave lasting unfavorable imprints.  Together we can heal birth trauma and bonding issues so your baby grows up thriving, unaffected by beginning of life wounds. Babies heal quickly. 


Communicating with baby can be confusing. Trying to interpret babies cries can cause a lot of upset for everyone in the family especially baby.  Help is here!  Learn what your baby is communicating to you. Learn how to stay calm and resourced no matter how your baby is feeling.  Be a wonderful loving support for your baby.  Heal your inner child and be an energized supportive parent. 

Having trouble conceiving your baby? There may be unresolved issues in you that may be keeping your baby from coming into your family. Together we can identify and clear them.

 Energy Cleansing and Blessings for Home, Office, and Land


Cleanliness is Godliness


Have you ever gone someplace that didn’t feel good even if it appeared to be a beautiful place?   People and places feel unpleasant when they have been neglected, unloved and un-attended to.  


Energy cleansing in your living and working environments leaves spaces feeling sparkling clean, organized, refreshed, and peaceful.   This improves your quality of life, reduces stress levels, encourages efficiency, and sparks joy and harmony.


A must have for:​

  • Home

  • Office

  • Land

  • Property that’s on the market and won’t sell

  • Buildings

  • Businesse

Healing sessions provide relief. Book with me by visiting 

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