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I met Sandi four years ago when I was going through a very physically and spiritually stressful time filled with overwhelm and panic attacks.  

Sandi's magic really helped me get through the darkness.  I've had over two dozen sessions with her and connected her with my friends and family.  She is a wise soothing presence and uses her many gifts to deliver an invaluable session!  I recommend her to everyone I care about.

Shadi R


Sandi Daileda reaches into the matrix of the human body to assist in the gentle release of energetic and emotional blockages.  I count myself as a person who has experienced the extraordinary benefits of her healing gifts.

Rabbi Zalman Schacter-Sholomi


Since I first met Sandi and discovered her gifts on my behalf, I have come to deeply appreciate her precious power. Her hands are like magic wands that seek and find the source of pain and anguish buried deep inside the body long ago.  She unseals the pain memory envelopes and shakes them out releasing the memories that were left to fester there.  Her touch thaws out the frozen and dystrophied body parts that have been disconnected from the whole.  Her mission is reintegration to assist a person to freedom of restriction imposed by the emotional baggage of a lifetime.


Jari D.


Sandi is an amazing sound and energy healing practitioner who has found her path in working with Jewish folks with intergenerational legacies of Holocaust holding.  Sandi is absolutely wonderful and has helped me immensely this past year.

I highly recommend working with her and receiving some 'cleansing bubbles' as Sandi calls it, for greater alignment and trusting the power of your own truth.




Sandi is an amazingly intuitive healer.  She reaches deep inside and lifts her clients up to the light with great love and compassion.  Her insight into what is behind symptoms shines a healing flame into hidden trauma and releases pain from old and new.  She is like a shaman, holding the space for truth and healing.  


Oak C.



Sandi is an intuitive healer whose methods don’t make sense to the engineer in me, but the results sure do.  When I was in a dark place, her care, empathy and availability at the precise times I needed her healing got me out of a hole that I may not have survived otherwise.  Did I mention that she also combines the spiritual/emotional aspects of healing with a great massage?  


Robert H.



Dear Sandi, Although it has been a long time since my last visit, I think of you often with gratitude.  I am no longer in shock.  Thank goodness you gave a name to what I was experiencing so that I could begin to address how I slowly arrived at such a desolate place in my life.  I am back to loving myself. You were right, the answers are within.


Cheryl H.

There are no words to describe my gratitude for Sandi’s healing magic. I have been a practitioner in the healing arts field for over 30 years and Sandi is my healer of choice. Every session is like a nurturing bath in fresh spring water.  As a sensitive, empathic person it is easy for me to take on the energy of others.  Regular clearing is as necessary as cleaning my home. Every session with Sandi either by phone or in person leaves me feeling relaxed, grounded and more of  “me”. Most recently Sandi has assisted me through a rather dire health diagnosis. I can honestly say she has been integral in saving my life. I can’t recommend her work more.



The simple way to describe Sandi is this:  She is the real deal.  Whether over the phone or working hands on, Sandi's work is precise and powerful and leads to a release and relief.  I always feel better after our sessions together and I am grateful for her accessibility, intuition, and incredible skills.

Laura L.  

Sandi is a true miracle worker.  I've worked with Sandi both personally and professionally. Her impressive ability to work with both people and spaces is a real talent.  She can walk into a house and improve the energy drastically.  She can tap into things that most people can't.  I highly recommend contacting Sandi if you want any energy work done. She is a loving and beautiful person inside and out.

She is extremely professional and works well under many different circumstances.

Christina Davies

I've been a client of Sandi's for ten years.  She is an excellent spiritual and intuitive healer.  Sandi has helped me not only with everyday stressors, but specifically during overwhelming times of my life.  She uses a special kind of healing and guidance; a more effective approach than used by traditional therapists or psychiatrists.  I highly recommend Sandi when navigating through traumatic or stressful life situations.

Jason S.

Sandi is an extraordinary human being, a true healer, and a gifted bodyworker.  From the moment we met I knew I was in good hands--literally.  Sandi creates a safe and sacred space within which I feel totally supported and loved, and subsequently I can really feel and release my emotions.  She soothes my nervous system and gets me to a place of total relaxation.  When I leave Sandi's office I always feel calmer, clearer, and more able to process my heartache and the traumas in my life.  Sandi is a blessing for anyone dealing with grief and trauma.

Pamela A.

I have worked with Sandi for over five years and have found her healing to be the most profound that I have ever experienced.  As a healer myself, I have worked with a variety of practitioners and techniques.  When I met Sandi I felt that things really started to shift and heal more so than with any other healing work I have done.  I am continuously blown away by Sandi's insights and deep sense of knowing.  She has a very warm and supportive presence, is caring and genuine, and so passionate about the work she does.  I feel completely safe with her on every level, physical, emotional, and spiritual.  I can honestly say that she has been a life changing force in my life and I am better due to knowing her.

Rebecca K.



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