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Project New Jew is a multi-generational healing initiative inspired by a channeled message that I received in April, 2012.  I was giving an energy healing session to Rabbi Zalman-Schacter, the founder of the Jewish Renewal Movement, when the following message came through.



"It is now time to embark upon a specific healing journey to dissolve and release sub-conscious memories associated with events such as the Holocaust. When memories of painful life experiences are not resolved in the body they cause illness, stress, and disease. This doesn't have to be the case.  We can cherish tradition and memories without experiencing pain and suffering. When trauma is released from the body we live with more joy and good health.  Every human is over flowing with healing gifts to be used in order to create a better world.  All people can enjoy a journey that brings rejuvenation and golden light to our planet and its people.  With conscious devotion to gentle self healing we bring forth the sparkling New Jew."


My Mission:  Using the best in light, sound, and energy healing modalities I will  


Energetically cleanse, clear, soothe, and uplift people.


Gently solve problems and dissolve painful memories in the sub-conscious. 


Promote peace, light, and healing on Earth.  


Take away physical and emotional pain and suffering. 


Are you New Jewing?


The Making of Project New Jew

In 2011 the late Rabbi Zalman was referred to me for healing.       


In the course of being  Rabbi Zalman’s healer we talked about my Jewish history.  I was embarrassed that I didn’t have much to say.    

I grew up as Sandi Gross from Hewlett, New York.  In my culturally Jewish family my grandparents cooked the holiday meals and we gathered around the table.  We did not go to temple very often and there wasn’t any talk of God or prayer.  What I remember is how emotional I would feel sitting next to my mother in our Reformed temple listening to the Rabbi singing.  The melodies so haunting and familiar moved me with their beauty, but I was too embarrassed to let anyone see me cry so I choked back my tears and never mentioned it.  


In 1989 at the age of 24, I left New York.  My connection to Judaism started to fade into the background.  My grandparents crossed over and no one else upheld the holiday rituals.    For many years Judaism wasn’t on my radar. 


When I met Rabbi Zalman, he encouraged me to return to my Jewish roots and gave me a copy of his book "Jewish With Feeling".   I held onto this book for a year without opening it.   I felt guilty about that.  


In 2012  Rabbi casually suggested I re-read his book that I had never opened.  Oh boy, he caught me.  I began to read with my highlighter in hand. 


As I read I excitedly drew yellow lines through his text and felt my soul awakening and my heart breaking open with a feeling of coming home to Judaism.  I was thrilled by how much I resonated with and understood his book.    I had a real Jewish Awakening.  I got the urge to become a rabbi.  I started looking into Rabbinical school.  I asked Rabbi Zalman to put in a good word for me at Aleph, his own organization.  He replied very kindly in a voice mail that 'if he attempted to put in a good word for me at Aleph he would be laughed out of his own organization.' He suggested instead that I start by attending services at our local synagogues.    


After I channeled the Holocaust Healing message I read it back to Reb Zalman and asked "Is it Kosher to say New Jew?"  He loved the term New Jew and encouraged me to write articles about this specific and important deep healing and get the word out.  He said at the age of 86 he wasn't about to start another Healing Movement, but said this is something I could do. 

He suggested I create a special Jewish Healing that begins with candle lighting and a prayer.  He asked that I continue to cleanse people souls and especially help people at the end of life.  He reminded me many times to worship, celebrate, and protect Mother Earth. 


I asked Rabbi Zalman if he would be my teacher,  he said he would, but not in the traditional sense.  He explained that he would open himself up to me spiritually and I could learn anything from him that way. He gave me his books and his blessings and encouraged me to learn from others, not just him.


Rabbi Zalman with much conscious preparation for the end of his life passed peacefully in his sleep on July 3, 2014 at the age of 89. 

Everyday I feel the gentle loving  spirit of Rabbi Zalman encouraging me as I share Project New Jew with the world.


Project New Jew is in its infancy and I am going to need a lot of support to manifest the full vision.  I am leaving a legacy that has not yet begun.  Project New Jew is our opportunity as Jewish people to do something enriching and enhancing for ourselves,  Humanity, and Mother Earth.