Welcome to my wonderful world of sound and  energy cleansing.
Have you had your energy cleansed lately?  I highly recommend it.
 Energy Cleansing is a soothing experience that can be done in person and by telephone.  Together we  can solve problems, alleviate stress, calm anxiety, dissolve trauma, heal anything.
Energy cleansing helps you feel bright, light, and clear.  It's excellent care and support for your whole family. 
Individual and group sessions available.  
Each session is $144.  Cash, credit card, and Venmo @Sandi-Daileda accepted.
Email Sandi.daileda14@gmail.com to schedule



Thank you so much for coming here. I'm Sandi Daileda, a multi-faceted sound and energy healer with 26 years of experience working in person and by telephone. I believe the human body has extraordinary abilities to self heal and we also need a lot of support for our deepest healing.  Consider yourself high maintenance and get lots of healing helping support.  Invest the time, money and energy into yourself to feel your very best.  Take breaks from daily stress and tension.  Schedule your soothing and rejuvenation right into your daily calendar. Relax and recharge yourself.  The more you receive love and nurturing,   the better your life will be.  


Soul Cleanse:  Monthly Group Sound and Energy Healing Via Zoom

Please join me on the first Friday morning of the month for 30 minutes of sound and energy healing via Zoom.  You will set  personalized intentions and  utilize the exponential power of group healing to transform  anything about yourself.   Feel nurtured and soothed by my vocal lullabies, singing bowls, flutes, rattles, drums, and gong.  Take a break from daily life.  Great for the whole family, pets included.  $25


Email me Sandi.daileda14@gmail.com to sign up.

Payments can be made via Venmo to: @sandi-daileda or 

You can pay by credit card or check by contacting me directly.



Conscious Priestess School   

Behold the Sacred!  Are you a woman who wants to transform her life?   Would you like to be part of a beautiful circle of women?   Would you like to experience more conscious awareness, joy, and freedom? 


Let's schedule a time to talk to see if Conscious Priestess School is right for you. Application and interview process required for acceptance.  

Email me Sandi.daileda14@gmail.com





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