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 Energy Healing
Helps You Feel So Much Better  


Get grounded and empowered.  Feel clear and calm.  Heal anything.


Sound and Energy Healing Sessions by Zoom and Telephone.  


With so much tumultuous activity on the planet and uncertainty in life there has never been a more important time to calm your nerves, heal your traumas, and learn fast working stress relieving techniques.


 Life is a precious experience that includes triggering, shocking, traumatizing, and hurtful events. Don't get stuck in stressful situations and states of upset.  Heal your nervous system.   Become more resilient.  Even in turbulent times you can have your natural state of peace and calm any time you want.


Get Focused On Self Improvement


Start with a package of four 60 minute Zoom sessions 


In a loving and safe environment you can relax and have  "Ah Ha!" moments of self discovery as you transform yourself and improve your life. 


You will liberate yourself from wounding and trauma. Lighten up and get unstuck.  Make real positive changes.  Feel energized, grounded and empowered. 

Together we can address everything:   Personal health and well being

family and relationships, finances and career, and more.

4 Sessions $900

Gift Certificates available

*Temporary Payment Plan option available for those in need.

Single Sessions:  $250 per Hour.

$125 for 30 minutes.

Super Healing Retreat Days  

Super Healing Retreats are done over Zoom and also in person when I am in your area.


Retreats are richly resourceful and beneficial. Spend a wonderful day devoted to your deep healing and rejuvenation.  We will spend 6 hours together.  Our time includes breaks and lunch. 


We will address all of your healing needs while including lightness, fun, and creative self expression.


Your day includes ultra calming sound baths, energy healing, insightful writing and drawing exercises, quiet time, and gentle movement.  Weather permitting, we will have some outdoor time as well.

Call me for more information and to schedule your retreat day.

$950 per day.

*Temporary payment plan option available for those in need.

Super Healing School


Become an awesome sound and energy healer.  Use your voice and be a singing sound healer.  The world needs healing and soothing.  With proper education you can really help people.

Whether you are making a career change or simply wish to sharpen and hone your natural gifts, having excellent education is key.

Learn to do no touch and ultra light touch energy healing.

Drastically improve your intuition and ability to see, sense, and know. Learn to help yourself and other people calm down.  Be adept at energetic cleaning and clearing.  Create effective sound and energy healing meditations.  


Additional Services   


LIVE in person sound and energy healing experiences. 


Sound and Energy clearing for homes, offices,  buildings, and land. 


Empowerment workshops and presentations.   Highly entertaining, experiential, heartfelt, and fun.

Healing one on one and for groups of all sizes.







I'm happy to answer any questions during a free consult

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