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  Welcome to my wonderful world of sound, singing and energy healing.


What is your divine healing plan?

I believe we come to earth to heal and overcome many things. It's a journey worth pursuing rich in revelations and insight.  A personal healing journey builds understanding and knowledge of self.  As we develop compassion for ourselves we can more easily be kind and loving human beings.  Acknowledging and properly releasing wounded aspects of ourselves is truly liberating.  If you seek joy and happiness then consider my help.  Weekly and bi-weekly telephone session are relaxing, revealing, and rewarding. Put your hard earned money and valuable time into yourself. Be the best you can be.  Be better than you can possibly imagine.  I am here as your spiritual cheerleader, helpful healer, and guide.  To experience telephone healing sessions with me, please visit

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For years I've been wanting to create an interactive radio show called "What's You're Problem?" and now I'm doing it.  My show is a combination of singing, sound and energy healing, problem solving, and spiritual upliftings. You can listen to me LIVE and join in the chat on Facebook at 10am Pacific on Wednesdays. You can listen to all episodes ON Demand anytime you like at Simply click on my name and click all episodes. 

Each episode contains sound bath to soothe you anytime you need it.


Upcoming Event: 

Ancestral Healing Retreat on Zoom
​An Opportunity to Free Up Your Life Force

Dates and Times:
Friday March 17th  5pm-6:30pm Pacific
Saturday March 18th  9
am - 3pm Pacific 


Register by clicking here:


Join us to uncover and transform your inherited limiting beliefs and in turn, boost your aliveness!

Co-led by me and gifted facilitator and healer Patrice Spitz, we will gather in supportive community, access healing of ancestral beliefs and patterns, and tune into next steps for your positive unfolding.

It was unfortunately common for our family and ancestors to have lived through challenging circumstances and trauma.  Because of that, they sometimes (understandably) took on limiting belief systems and unhealthy emotional patterns.

What typically happened to us is that we inherited some of those beliefs and patterns, often without even realizing it.  Some of these beliefs and resulting patterns might have to do with lack, fear or anxiety, unworthiness, and depression, among other challenges.

During this retreat, we will be identifying the gifts as well as the hindrances that we have inherited from our family and ancestors, and engaging in sound healing, movement, intuitive drawing, and energy healing to clear and change the limiting beliefs that underlie some of our personal challenges. We will also be embodying more truthful and freeing belief systems and emotions.  

Our retreat includes:

  • Clearing and changing inherited limiting beliefs

  • Life enhancing energetic downloads attuned to exactly what you need to move past ancestral conditioning

  • Sound healing baths for deep relaxation and integration

  • Free writing and intuitive drawing to access inner wisdom and revelatory insights

  • Niggunim (wordless melodies) to uplift the soul

  • Time to reflect and share

  • Music and movement interspersed throughout!


​From Patrice Spitz: 
​For many years I have engaged in healing work, but there were some aspects of myself and my life that were not changing, no matter what I did.

I found that the missing key to making positive changes in my life was to expand the scope of my healing to include ancestral healing.  As the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, I was familiar with ancestral trauma.  A large portion of my family (on both sides) was decimated in the Holocaust.  

Identifying and upgrading limiting beliefs that I inherited from my (often traumatized) ancestors has given me greater peace, compassion for my ancestors and myself, improved relationships with people and with my work, more joy, and a healthier sense of my self-worth.  

We hope that you will join us on this retreat to engage in the transformative process of ancestral healing!  


From Sandi Daileda:
​In the course of my personal healing journey, I have discovered just how much I have been affected by the wounds of my ancestors.  I inherited so much fear and neurosis coming from both sides of my family.  I discovered just how much those fears were impacting my life today and limiting me and blocking some of my progress in life.

​With the help of Theta Healing and God, I have been doing the most thorough dissolving of inherited history from levels as deep as my DNA.  I have been making myself new again through and through.  My whole life and all of my relations and my physical being keeps improving everyday


We look forward to having you! We will be in touch as soon as we receive your payment.


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