Welcome to my wonderful world of healing.  


Healing sessions by Zoom and telephone.

30-45 minute sessions are a simple, easy, and affordable way to receive some serious healing and stress relief.  Recline in your bed and have a glass of water handy.  We can address, heal, and soothe anything.  Each session a one of a kind deep healing experience tailored exactly to you. Great for the whole family including your pets.   $70 for 30 minutes.  $150 for 50 minutes.  Venmo @sandi-daileda Email me directly to schedule your appointment. Sandi.daileda14@gmail.com 

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Monthly group sound baths on Zoom. New dates Coming soon!

Receive a lullaby into your everyday life.  Let the healing vibes abound. 30 minutes for $22.  Venmo @Sandi-daileda  





Healing is liberating.

Work with me on a regular basis.  Weekly, bi weekly, or monthly sessions do wonders for you. Consider yourself high maintenance when it comes to your self improvement.  This type of  self devotion will profoundly shift your life experience for the better.  Get in touch.  I am here.  I can't wait to meet you.

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