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 Welcome to my wonderful world of sound and energy healing.  Did you know that divine energy can soothe anxiety, uplift depression, and heal and resolve trauma? Healing doesn't have to be painful or triggering.  With my gifts as a multi sensory intuitive we go straight to the heart of the matter.  With gentleness and compassion your body releases what it no longer needs to carry.  This phenomenon ripples out bringing positive shifts to your entire life.
Experience this for yourself.
Get in touch for your 20 Minute Free Consult
Call Sandi 720-229-5510 

Magical Mini Retreats Online


From the comfort of your own home divine healing can occur. 

Your 3 hour mini retreat includes:

Sound Healing 

Spiritual Guidance

Painless healing of trauma and wounds

Problem solving

Sounding and singing

Gentle movement

Cost $333

Super Healing in person Retreats. 

Join me in the Amargosa Desert.

Just a few miles from Death Valley National Park in Beatty, Nevada


Your retreat includes


Soaking and sunning in Tecopa Hot Springs, CA

A day trip to Death Valley National Park.

2 Healing sessions

Daily sound healing, walks in nature, easy yoga.

Sitting by a fire under a starry sky.

Delicious meals and snacks.

Time for rest and relaxation.


Get in touch to discuss retreat details.


Super Healing sessions by telephone and Zoom

Let's address health and well being, family and relationships, finances and career, and so much more.


One hour session $180

30 minute session  $90  

Package of 4 one hour sessions   $700

Package of 4 mini sessions. $350 


With so much tumultuous activity on the planet and uncertainty in life there has never been a more important time to calm your nerves, heal your traumas, and learn fast working stress relieving techniques.

Gift Certificates available

Temporary Payment Plan option available for those in need.

Super Healing Mentorships

Learn and grow.

Experiential Classes on Zoom.  Study one on one or in a small group.  

Learn specialized self care for intuitive energy healers.

Sharpen your intuition.

Experience light touch and no touch energy healing.

Clear and balance the Chakra system

Be adept and skilled as a trauma healer.  

Create sound healing experiences using your voice and sound healing instruments

Create healing meditations.

Learn how to cleanse and clear the energy in homes and buildings, and on the land.


I'm happy to answer any questions during a free consult

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