Welcome to my wonderful world of Sound and Energy Healing 

  Life is many things including stressful, emotional, and traumatic.  The human body needs soothing.  

  Meet with me over the telephone or in person.  Recline and relax as I sing a lullaby to your soul that dissolves energetic blockages.  Bathe in divine healing light.  Solve problems.  Receive inspiration and guidance. Feel amazing.


Schedule a free 20 minute phone healing session with me.

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New for 2020

Once a month Sound and Energy Healing call

First Friday of the month  

 11am Eastern, 9am Mountain, 7am Pacific

Your first call is free, then $25 per call.

Email Sandi.Daileda14@gmail to sign up.

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To know me is to love me. Book your free 20 minute phone healing. Feel better now.