Tele-Energy Medicine 

Alleviate stress. Calm anxiety. Reduce overwhelm.

Welcome to The Institute of Higher Healing

Thank you so much for visiting my website.  I am a multi-faceted sound and energy healer with 26 years of experience working both hands on and by telephone.  Since the onset of COVID-19 I have transitioned my entire business to telephone healing and healing by Zoom.  I believe the human body is the source of source, but when we are too stressed out we don’t function well.  I specialize in stress relief, trauma healing, and Craniosacral Therapy.  I use my singing voice and sound healing instruments and gifts as a multi-sensory intuitive to provide you with personalized sound healing baths.  These one of a kind experiences deeply relax the mind and body and create resiliency in your nervous system so that you can feel more peaceful, resourced, and in your creative life force flow.


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Sonic Zoom Sound Healings

Please join me for 30 minutes of soothing sound and energy healing via Zoom on the first and second Friday of the month.  Sonic Zoom is great form your whole family including your pets.   Sonic Zoom offers you an opportunity to take a break from daily stress and tension and go inside yourself for harmony,  relaxation, and rejuvenation.   Together we will circle up and set our healing intentions,  then it’s cameras off and lay down to receive goodness.  I will use my voice and singing bowls, flute, rattle, and drum to create a symphonic lullaby of divine healing light and sound just for you.   Sonic Zoom is a By Donation event.  Checks, credit card, and Venmo happily accepted.


Upcoming Dates:

Friday September 4, at 11am Eastern Time

Friday September 11, at 9am Eastern Time

Friday October 2, at 11am Eastern Time

Friday October 9, at 9am Eastern Time

Friday November 6, at 9am Eastern Time

Friday November 13, at 9am Eastern Time

Friday December 11, at 9am Eastern Time


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Conscious Priestess School

The application process is now open for my 2021 Conscious Priestess School program.

I seek 25 women who are devoted to deep and thorough self healing and transformation to take a year long journey of conscious healing with me.  Together we will dissolve layer upon layer of historical data stored in your subconscious and lighten up. Together we will ignite your innate healing gifts, learn super healing skills, and create a group of some of the best healers on the planet. Get in touch to schedule a phone conversation to see if Conscious Priestess School is right for you. 

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