Soothing Gong Baths and Energy Cleansing by Telephone

Bringing peace and harmony to you.  Great for the whole family  


Solve problems. Alleviate stress. Calm anxiety.  Feel Light and Clear. 


Healing by telephone is excellent for individuals of any age, families, pets, groups, and businesses.  Additionally, I offer energy cleansing and support for Doctors, Nurses, Therapists, and Healers.

Email me directly to schedule a session and we can address any healing needs. 30 and 45 minute appointments available Tuesday - Friday 10am-2:30pm Mountain Time.

My fee is $80 for 30 minutes and $140 for 45 minutes


Sound and energy healing by phone is excellent gentle, soothing support for anyone who feels stressed or in pain, heavy, stuck, or unclear.

Thank you so much for coming here. I'm Sandi Daileda, a multi-faceted sound and energy healer with 26 years of experience working both in person and by telephone. I believe the human body has extraordinary abilities to self heal,  but when we are too stressed we don’t function well. I offer energy healing and deep relaxation via telephone and Zoom. These one of a kind sound healing experiences soothe your nerves and harmonize your life.  Take a 30 or 45 minute break from daily stress and tension.  Relax and recharge yourself. Heal deeply and thoroughly.     


Soul Cleanse:  Monthly Group Sound and Energy Healing Via Zoom

Please join me on the first Friday morning of the month for 30 minutes of sound and energy healing via Zoom.  You will set  personalized intentions and  utilize the exponential power of group healing to transform  anything about yourself.   Feel nurtured and soothed by my singing voice, singing bowls, flutes, rattles, drums, and gong.  Take a break from daily life.  Calm down and rejuvenate. Great for the whole family, pets included.  $20


Email me to sign up.

Payments can be made via Venmo to: @sandi-daileda or 

You can pay by credit card or check by contacting me directly.


Conscious Priestess School. 90 Day Transformational Healing Journey's   

Behold the Sacred!  Are you a woman who wants to transform her life to better?   Would you like to be part of a friendly and loving circle of women who are also consciously healing and changing themselves?  Would you like  more dance, nature, joy, and freedom in your daily life?


Let's schedule a time to talk to see if Conscious Priestess School is right for you. Application and interview process required for acceptance.  Next 90 day conscious healing journey begins in April 2021.  Sliding scale offered.

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